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2022 Forecast: AR's 5 big trends

🗣 Everyday technology is evolving faster, which is why new trends are always around the corner!  In 2021, Augmented reality technology proved to be one of the top innovations for businesses around the world. Immersive technology has had a groundbreaking impact on a great variety of industries in recent years.  This makes us even more excited about what will happen in the years to come and what’s left of this one! 

👉 So, here’s a list of the top 5 greatest Augmented Reality trends during 2022: 

AR Indoor Navigation: Come in and find your way out

🗣 While GPS navigation has become quite normal to use in cars or while walking through the streets thanks to Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other apps, no one seems to have thought about what happens when entering a building: GPS becomes imprecise, prone to failure, and is simply unsuitable for indoor use.

That’s why AR Indoor Navigation will be the lifesaver of 2022! More and more companies are interested in implementing AR Indoor Navigation solutions for stores, plants, or warehouses, setting a new trend. By recognizing the environment, AR can guide customers or employees to the exact location of a preferred item, to the nearest exit, or help them browse a specific area. Virtual directive arrows or signs on the floor help to find the quickest and most efficient way to one’s destination. But it gets even cooler: A virtual guide can be integrated into the real environment, providing immediate and precise step-by-step navigation.

AR in Training: Knowledge from afar

🗣 Augmented Reality Training comes as a replacement for complex printed manuals, boring onboardings, and time-consuming training courses. As our brains rely more and more on visuals, the time has come to set traditional training to an end. Today’s people want it less complex and more hands-on.

AR tutorials give 3D instructions on how to use a device by simply pointing a smartphone camera at a product. They’re location-independent, engaging, and customizable, making them everything we’ve ever wanted. 

👉 Machines for employee training not available or in use? AR Training.

👉 Do customers need assistance setting up new furniture? AR Training. 

👉 Hundreds of employees need to be briefed on a company’s future plan? AR Training. 

👉 The best form for easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions in 2022? AR Training.

AR in Marketing: mARketing

🗣 AR filters, augmented print ads, living ads, print, and products – Augmented Reality is the future of brand communication. Great brands and global players like Pepsi, Burger King, L’oreal Paris, IKEA, and even Bentley have done it before – using AR for creating brand awareness and pushing new products. 

Instead of just passively consuming advertisements, AR offers a strong activating effect to interact with digital elements. Brands can thus easily get in touch with their customers, bring products directly into the consumer’s own homes, entertain them, and build a relationship.

AR in Retail: Trying before buying

🗣 Since 2020, the retail industry has had to face many new challenges. The pandemic has changed the world and above all the traditional shopping journeys we once have known. Staying safe campaigns and lockdowns have increased online sales significantly. And this trend continues, getting bigger and bigger! 

Nowadays, people prefer to shop within their comfort zone.     

But online shopping is a different story. We don’t know if the pants we saw in the picture will fit perfectly or if the new furniture will match the aesthetics of our room. However, Augmented Reality has the unique ability to bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping experiences. Virtual Try-on allows consumers to envision products in their familiar environment, making them more likely to make an impulse purchase. With more brands and retailers using this technology than ever before, a new standard has been set in the Retail industry making AR in Retail the second most trending innovation in 2022. 

The Heyday of webAR! One Click, no Download App

🗣 In an increasingly fast-paced world, no one wants to spend time downloading tons of apps. That’s why web-based Augmented Reality is 2022’s greatest trend. With its ease of use, webAR solutions will finally see their heyday. Yay!

Unlike normal native applications, web-based Augmented Reality solutions don’t need to be downloaded, they work simply by clicking on a URL or QR code. And they can be shared just as easily! As brands become aware of the breakthrough technology and its many benefits, it is quickly becoming a force multiplier for those who want to reach their target audiences with unmatched distribution and reach.

👀 So, the story is clear: whatever aspect you prefer, AR is the actual trend this year. What are you waiting to improve your business with it? Visit us here to see how we can help you achieve it!

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