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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Extended Reality on Your Customer Experience

The evolution of the technology landscape has led to an incredible transformation in our world. Today, we can speak to our computers, control our fridges with our smartphones and so much more. There are even opportunities to augment our reality or create new environments through the right software and devices.

XR, or extended reality, has various potential benefits to offer the world. It can make teams more productive and support remote collaboration. XR also opens the door to new experiences, like digital vacations and training simulations. One of the most valuable aspects is its ability to engage customers.

Here are 5 reasons why XR Improves customer engagement:

Customers have long lamented the fact that they can’t always get a good view of a product when shopping online. Clients like the opportunity to see the items they’re going to buy in 3D, often in the context they’re going to be using them in. AR and VR technology can support this.

With the right XR offering, you can create an app that allows your customer to see what a piece of furniture would look like in their home or try on a new lipstick. You can even show your customers around a space, like a hotel lobby while allowing them to relax in their own homes. Virtual test drives, real-estate tours, and more are all emerging as facets of the XR customer experience.

2. Stronger Customer Service 

It’s difficult for companies to build a lasting relationship with customers when they’re selling products digitally. The world is quickly reducing face-to-face interactions, which were often the source of many significant brand/client relationships. Fortunately, XR could bring the personal touch back into the customer service environment.

A VR environment could allow a technician to introduce a customer to the features of a product and teach that customer how to use important features without an in-person visit. You can even create AR apps that might assist clients in solving common problems independently.

No customer looks forward to a clunky and boring user manual. However, if you can offer a guide on how to use a product that comes in AR or VR format, it’s a lot more immersive. 3D technology and XR solutions can guide clients through the capabilities of products and services, so they’re most likely to get the most out of their purchase.

For instance, Toyota’s AR Interactive Guide developed by CaptivatAR,  allows one to explore all the features of cars, it works as an interactive user manual, that can be used for end users as well as dealerships and includes HD 360 VR pictures, for users that want to learn without being in the car.

4. Better Trained Employees 

When it comes to offering excellent customer experience (CX), practice is often key. Today’s teams need to access tools that allow them to develop empathy for their audience and the skills required to deal with complex situations. AR and VR solutions can support businesses in creating training opportunities where staff can interact with virtual representations of clients.

Through these virtual training sessions, it’s possible for employees to improve their skills, and discover new ways of dealing with issues that would otherwise be stressful and problematic. VR can even teach employees how products work, so they can answer queries faster.

5. Added Value

Extended reality can also add value to all aspects of the sales and customer service space. You could create an app that allows customers to customize the product they want to buy before purchasing it, using a series of easy-to-use tools. There’s the option to add QR stickers to your store, which your customers can scan when they have questions about an item. This is particularly useful in a time when employees are more sparse.

XR brings an element of fun and gamification to the customer experience while simultaneously offering valuable information and guidance. It’s no wonder that XR is paving the way for better CX.

Have you ever imagined that XR could enhance so much your customer experience? Now that you know how valuable these technologies are, start improving your CX with Extended Reality! We are waiting to assist you on your journey through XR! Explore what we have to offer and let’s create something new together!

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