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Absolut Vodka use Augmented Reality for Marketing

🗣 Absolut Vodka use Augmented Reality for marketing

Absolut Vodka launched an iPhone and iPad app that uses augmented reality to take users on a tour of the drink’s Swedish home.

The app takes consumers on a three-dimensional tour of Åhus, the small Swedish village where the vodka is produced. Users can explore the area to discover how the vodka is made, from the wheat fields to the distillery and the bottling plant. They will also be given a free drink recipe.

Franz Drack, global marketing manager at The Absolut Company, said: “We continuously try to bring our customers exceptional experiences, and by using augmented reality, we are adding a digital layer around our product. The application offers one part entertainment and one part service.”

The success of augmented reality apps depends greatly on how well they can integrate into the user’s everyday life. Having a destination-based app like Absolut Truth can induce consumers to download, interact with, and share the app to their networks, and thus increase brand awareness. Check out how we can help you develop your own experiences here at CaptivatAR!

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