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Amazon Launches an Augmented Reality App that Lets you Bring Empty Delivery Boxes to Life

In Halloween of 2020, Amazon introduced a special augmented reality (AR) experience that’s fun, free, and supports social distancing. All that’s needed is a Halloween-themed Amazon box (or virtual box below), a mobile device or tablet, and a little imagination. Halloween AR was the first experience available through the new Amazon AR Player app.

Amazon Augmented Reality is designed to specifically work with Amazon boxes, but you can test the feature (without a box) on Amazon’s website. Each Amazon box might offer different activities. Scanning the QR code could make a little AR corgi dog jump out to play, or turn your shipping box into an AR car. There’s also an option to color a face on a pre-printed white pumpkin, scan it and watch it appear in AR.

Boxes with the Halloween design began shipping to customers on October 9 and continued throughout the month of October of that year. Customers could “carve” an AR pumpkin with their boxes, download a virtual box, or use the below image to scan the code.

1️⃣ Grab a Halloween-themed box from your Amazon order (or use the print out below).

2️⃣ “Carve” an AR pumpkin by drawing a face on the pumpkin design.

3️⃣ Open the camera on your mobile device and point it directly at the QR code printed on the Amazon box or below graphic. When you have the Amazon AR Player app on your smartphone, the experience will automatically launch when you scan the box. If your phone doesn’t support scanning QR codes, type “” into your web browser.

4️⃣ Use the magic of AR to see your pumpkin come to life.

The launch of a dedicated AR app indicates that this is just the beginning for Amazon’s AR plans. The company has already said they plan to use the technology for marketing purposes.

In Conclusion:

There is plenty of opportunity to use AR in the future and innovators like Amazon are leading the charge. This special AR experience of theirs is designed to help them sell their products and to help customers engage with their products on a whole new level. The feeling of engaging with something through AR rather than just looking at a picture, may just encourage people to buy and try more products from Amazon in the future. With our help, you can be one of those innovators! Come here at CaptivatAR and look at all the products we offer you!

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