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AR Attractive Food Menu

👉Better than static menus, augmented reality menus can bring dishes to life and potentially make customers more likely to order them. In contrast to regular menus, AR menus allow diners to see every detail of a dish, including the texture of products used, portion sizes and additional information such as ingredients.

What can you offer thanks to AR menus? 👇

✅With AR restaurants can create a detailed 3D model of actual menus or dishes to provide an advanced version of conventional menus to the customers.
✅Customers can use their Smartphones or Tablets to view the digital representations of food menus and additional information like portion size, nutritional information, ingredients, and more.
✅AR food items can be customized to demonstrate complementary alternatives for drinks, appetizers and desserts.

If you are interested in offering this experience in your restaurant, check out here.

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