AR for Printed Media

Add a new dimension to traditional printed media

Augmented Reality Solution for Print

The Captivatar app links your print media with the digital world. Use this innovative technology to integrate content, applications, and multimedia files into all of your printed products, such as newspapers, magazines, catalogs or flyers. Your products become interactive and get new possibilities in areas such as marketing, eCommerce and publishing.

Content Management System (CMS) for AR

Content Management System offers you the possibility to easily add digital content to your printed products. Manage your motifs in campaigns and control the runtime and activation of your augmentations flexibly and automatically – all in one place. The integrated editor enables you to augment your print editions directly in the browser in a user-friendly and fast way. With a few clicks, you can add videos, animations, music, and a wide range of interactive buttons to your print media.

Saas Compatible

The backend operates fully on the cloud, which obviates the need for software installation.


Via the browser-based composer, motifs can easily be enhance with AR content.

Drag & Drop

Motifs in PDF image format can easily be imported into the composer using Drag & Drop.


Interesting data protection compliant information can be obtained via APP data evaluation.

Bring Life to your Printed Media!

Captivatar help you make an impact when you connect with your audience. This solution is a cost-effective way for brands to create meaningful engagement, regardless of audience location and language. Each Printed Media contains a range of multimedia content that enhances events like ads, news, holiday celebrations, anniversaries, launches, conferences, presentations and more. Not just during the events themselves, but long into the future.

From Direct Mail to flyers, postcards, posters and everything in between. We integrate Augmented Reality to every type of print collateral you can imagine.

2 Options for AR Experiences

AR Apps

are Augmented Reality programs written specifically for a platform such as Android or iPhone. AR apps require custom software development, AR apps require users to download and install it.

Web-based augmented reality, or WebAR

is the use of standardized web technologies to produce AR experiences. It works in real-time, through a web browser (safari & Chrome) on the user’s smartphone or other devices. Users don’t need to download any apps, as commonly available platforms already support the technology.

If you Want to get Deep in webAR Solutions

Benefits of AR Printed Media

Increased Engagment

Encourage more people to engage with your print marketing. Print marketing with an AR experience typically achieves over 40% engagement rate.

High ROI

A higher level of engagement, drives a higher level of clicks. The result? More visitors to the destination of your choice, and more conversions.

Track and Re-Target

Digitize a channel that previously was never meant to be digital. Track the consumers that have engaged with your marketing and re-target with ads.

Use Cases

AR Newspapers

Augmented reality newspapers are an excellent way to engage and entertain readers. The reader can read the traditional paper and also scan a target image to reveal the augmented content related to the story. Newspapers can augment cartoons, 3D content  or share video stories with their readers. According to studies, AR is three times more memorable than traditional media. An augmented reality print advertisement will stay in a user’s memory for a prolonged period. There will be 200 percent more engagement on an AR ad compared to a traditional ad on a Newspaper. AR ads help the advertiser track its engagement rates to understand the impact rate of the ad.

AR Lifestyle Magazines

Lifestyle magazines often cover gripping topics such as fashion, fitness, and culture. If the magazines show 3D content while reading, it will impact the reader more. Augmented reality can play an influential role in this. AR can direct a reader to a fashion website when they scan a new look in the magazine. A fitness workout video could come to life when the reader scans a picture or QR code. Creating a more engaging and entertaining immersive experience with technology.

AR Children Magazine

It is challenging to build reading habits in children of this era. Mobile devices and other visual media such as games and videos dominate their lives. Children can experience a more engaging and entertaining reading experience by incorporating AR into their books. They will read the books and experience digital content on their handheld devices. It will spike their interest in reading and learning.

Interactive AR Travel Magazine

Travel is a sector where AR has extensive possibilities. AR incorporated travel magazines can augment and show places customers want to go. The reader has to scan an image or QR code to experience a waterfall or a snowfall. They can experience a 360-degree view of the place they want to visit. The magazines can augment contact details of tour packages and informative websites.

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Keys to successful Augmented Reality campaigns in the press and the publishing industry

  • Offer exclusive content to attract new clients
  • Illustrate texts with images and other digital add-ons
  • Deliver personalized messages
  • Engage audiences with interactive games
  • Surprise readers and rejuvenate your image
  • Profit from digital content by offering a new streaming channel
  • Keep readers up-to-date on latest news and sporting results
  • Improve memorization rate with an enhanced user experience
  • Track the performance of your campaigns and improve your ROI

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