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AR, Metaverse, and the Future: Interview with Magic Leap’s CEO

🗣 Since Peggy Johnson came to Magic Leap as CEO in September 2020, the company has chartered a new path, focusing on its enterprise AR platform and demonstrating its true value to businesses.

Peggy recently participated in a fireside chat at Web Summit, one of the most prominent technology conferences in the world. There she explored the transformation of Magic Leap from a consumer technology company into a leader in enterprise AR and so much more.

👀 Interested in what she said? Watch the video to hear her talk about:

👉 How we’re already in the early stages of the metaverse

👉 How the true value of the metaverse, which is making the physical and digital worlds into one, can only be unlocked by AR

👉 How Magic Leap 2 will feature best-in-class optics, the largest field of view in the industry, and a first-to-market dimming innovation for use in brightly lit settings

👉 How AR technology will continue to change the world of work

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