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Augmented Reality for Restaurants

📣 At Captivatar we give you the chance to offer a new incredible customer experience in your restaurant creating a world-class 3D and Augmented Reality content.

Would you like to improve the experience of your customers with immersive technologies? Several restaurants are increasing their revenue using this technology.
Let’s show you how:

AR attractive food menu

Bring your dishes to life and make the customers more likely to order them. This technology allows diners to see every detail of a dish, including the texture of products used, portion sizes, and additional information such as ingredients.

Kids AR-based games

Entertain your kids while you wait for your meal with quick, easy games for them!

AR Social media experiences

Add social media filters and engage your customers with a new way to share the food!

Food delivery

Thanks to AR, customers can see the food, to scale, on their own table. They can combine different side dishes with main courses, keeping the customer wholly in control of their selections.

Enhance product packaging

Supplement your packaging by providing additional virtual information on top of physical labels.

Staff training

By layering information on top of an employee’s view, AR can be used for employee training in restaurants.

Interested? Check out here and see some success cases!

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