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Augmented Reality Solutions for Your Restaurant. You make the food, we’ll make it sell!

CAPTIVATAR is your digital transformation partner for new interactive technologies.  We can show you how to bring your restaurant’s story and menu offerings to life with augmented reality and immersive mobile experiences.

Here are just a few of the experiences leading restaurants are using to increase revenue and improve brand loyalty.

🍕Augmented Reality (AR) Food and Drink Menus

Bring your dishes to life and make the customers more likely to order them. This technology allows diners to see every detail of a dish, including the texture of products used, portion sizes, and additional information such as ingredients.

🎮AR-Based Games

Entertain customers (young and old) while they wait with fun, brand-enriching interactive games!

📲AR Social Media Experiences

Add social media filters and give your customers a new way to share and review your menu offerings.

🍽Food Presentation and Plate Customization

Allow customers to view their plate ahead of time and see their food (to scale) at their own table. They can combine different side dishes with main courses, keeping the customer wholly in control of their selections.

🎁Enhanced Product Packaging

Enhance and improve your packaging by providing augmented and virtual content that brings your physical label and packaging to life.

🧠Staff Training

Layering information on top of an employee’s view to simplify and improve training and order fulfillment.

In a world with so many options at their fingertips, you can’t afford not to be engaging!

Check our what we can do for your business here!