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Benefits of Using WebAR in your Business

First of all, let’s talk about WebAr… What is this?

Web-based augmented reality, or WebAR, is the use of standardized web technologies to produce AR experiences. It works in real-time, through a web browser on the user’s smartphone or other devices. Users don’t need to download any apps, as commonly available platforms already support the technology.

WebAR takes into consideration vivid Expanded Reality encounters utilizing only your cell phones and an internet browser.

In the present virtual entertainment content-soaked world, it is difficult to get taken note of. Adding intuitiveness to content builds commitment and holds data better.

By skirting the virtual entertainment mediator and facilitating your intelligent substance on your own site (which can be gotten to straightforwardly through a hyperlink or QR code), can drive significantly more attain.

WebAR can help increase interest in brands by providing highly interactive content.

The applications of WebAR are unlimited. It can be used to promote brands, increase awareness, enhance learning, and provide interactive entertainment.


There are always tradeoffs with any technology approach and Web AR is no different compared to app-based AR. However, when compared to many traditional ways of marketing and advertising for consumer products, Web AR often outperforms the competition on product sales lift and intent to purchase, brand retention, and increased loyalty.

Other Web AR benefits include:

  • It offers users more extensive insights when paired with Google analytics;
  • Increases the conversion rate and sales lift up to 520%;
  • Has better audience targeting and retargeting than app-based;
  • Integrates with an existing website and CRM touchpoints;
  • It tracks your audience’s interests and brand engagements.

WebAR does wonders for business, whether for uniquely advertising products, delivering the company’s message, or as a means to demonstrate or display service offerings.

For example:

  1. Retail brands can use WebAR to showcase digital products against a backdrop of users’ actual homes.
  2. Real estate companies can host virtual tours to properties on the market. They can also add interactivity to open houses or tours.
  3. Fashion brands can feature virtual dressing rooms where customers can visualize 3D apparel and try on items.

WebAR helps provide improved educational tools over the web. Tours to major landmarks and historic sites can now be accompanied by interesting facts and additional information for curious minds. Adding interactivity to remote learning can make it more interesting for teachers and students alike. Plus, students retain more of what they learned. Museums can overlay digital content on paintings and installations, textbooks can create 3D animated diagrams, and businesses can even recreate their onboarding materials with WebAR avatars and holograms.

WebAR opens up possibilities for video games that play against a real-world background. Studios can promote their upcoming movies and shows with interactive content featuring lovable characters or major holographic stars. Theme parks can display more information about their attractions. Events can offer side attractions such as interactive scavenger hunts within designated areas.

Web AR has many applications and can be modified to drive new worth and open doors for pretty much any client confronting industry. Any business that tries to lay out its name and increment its devoted following now and in the future ought to embrace this new innovation, which just vows to get better with time.

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