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Starbucks’ first in-store Augmented Reality Experience

January 3, 2023
In case you were wondering which brands used new technologies like Augmented Reality in the…
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The Revolution of the Automotive Industry using Virtual Reality with SEAT

December 26, 2022
Virtual reality became one of the most used technologies by industries, as time passes more…
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Educating Farmers About Animal Diseases With Augmented Reality

December 21, 2022
The red meat and livestock industry contributes more than $18 billion a year (or about…
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Coca-Cola and Tomorrowland Make Dreams Come to Life Using Augmented Reality

December 20, 2022
“Coca-Cola Dreamworld taps into Gen Z’s passion for the infinite potential of the mind by…
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What are the Main Benefits when Talking about Virtual Reality in Training?

December 19, 2022
Employers are ultimately facing a dilemma, their workforce often needs to learn new skills, upgrade…
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The First Ever In-Room Virtual Reality Travel Experience by Marriot Hotels Changed how People Travel

December 15, 2022
Innovation often takes some time to gain a foothold in the market. But those who…
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Modelo Awakened “ Día de Los Muertos” with an Augmented Reality Experience

December 13, 2022
How did Modelo generate a 16.5% Increase in Sales in Markets? Modelo beer brand unveiled…
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A Massive Transformation in Retail Using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

December 12, 2022
There is a massive opportunity to use virtual reality (VR) in retail, and according to…
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The Coca-Cola Bespensa Virtual Reality Training Program

December 9, 2022
Usually, the training process for employees requires a lot of time, money, talent, and resources.…
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CaptivatAR Web-based Augmented Reality Greetings in Collaboration with Tech Alpharetta

December 8, 2022
First of all, let's introduce Tech Alpharetta… Tech Alpharetta (previously the Alpharetta Technology Commission), the…

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