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Prepare for the Festivities with our AR Filters

November 10, 2023
This holiday season, we're thrilled to introduce our exclusive Halloween and Christmas AR filters for…
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Capti Consultant – Your AR Assistant

October 23, 2023
đź—Ł Meet the first-of-its-kind AI-powered AR/VR Consultant: Capti-AI He's ready to answer your questions about…
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The Power of 3D Assets to Tackle Marketing Challenges

September 26, 2023
In the world of product development driven by computers, nearly every company has a stash…
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Redefining Cooking with AR

September 21, 2023
For the past few decades, augmented reality has been a dream that was always just…
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Where XR Guarantees ROI

September 7, 2023
AR, MR, and VR technologies are transforming engineering and manufacturing. Discover how these innovations can…
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Mixing the Real and the Virtual: Driving in the Future

August 28, 2023
Have you ever imagined using Augmented Reality (AR) to replace objects in your home office,…
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Leveraging the Synergy of AI and XR for Enhanced Employee Training

June 30, 2023
In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations face the constant challenge of training their employees…
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Dark Testament: Honoring Black Writers with AR and Immersive Displays

April 27, 2023
CaptivatAR in collaboration with Trivium Interactive developed an augmented reality (AR) experience by honoring sixteen…
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Case Study: Augmented Reality Replaces Paper

February 6, 2023
An augmented reality tool allowed warehouse pickers to complete orders an average of 37% faster…
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Starbucks’ first in-store Augmented Reality Experience

January 3, 2023
In case you were wondering which brands used new technologies like Augmented Reality in the…
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The Revolution of the Automotive Industry using Virtual Reality with SEAT

December 26, 2022
Virtual reality became one of the most used technologies by industries, as time passes more…

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