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Coca-Cola and Tomorrowland Make Dreams Come to Life Using Augmented Reality

“Coca-Cola Dreamworld taps into Gen Z’s passion for the infinite potential of the mind by exploring what a dream tastes like,” said Alessandra Cascino, Creative & Shopper Program Director, Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit. “Like the Coca-Cola Creations that came before it, Dreamworld plays with the unexpected and will undoubtedly provoke discovery and debate among consumers… which we welcome.”

“Starlight illuminated the idea of escapism and the infinite, out-of-this-world possibilities of space,” said Chase Abraham, Senior Creative Strategy Manager, Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit. “Dreamworld flips this script by inviting fans to look inward at the infinite possibilities of the mind”

Coca-Cola in collaboration with Tomorrowland launched an Augmented Reality musical experience that allows users to step into a dreamy new universe.

Fans could access the WebAR experience by scanning the QR code found on any Coca-Cola Dreamworld can or bottle. Once scanned, an AR portal would appear in the customer’s world space and transport them into the Dreamworld. Featuring songs from Tomorrowland artists like Cellini, KC Lights, Vintage Culture & Martin Garrix, users were challenged to a rhythm game where they had to tap on the beats of the music to build their own Dreamworld. Once users had completed the game, they could share the experience with their friends, watch a DJ perform, or play again to try and beat their high score.

A fantastical look and feel complement the beverage’s flavor profile by fusing whimsical shapes, electric colors, and a 3D expression of Coke’s signature script to create an illusionary visual landscape on Coca-Cola Dreamworld packaging, in-store merchandising, and other physical and virtual elements. “We’re meeting Gen Z where they are with relevant content and collaborations that matter to them,” Abraham added.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld was exposed through experiential activations on select college campuses, and a series of out-of-home creative executions in New York City including an appearance on the iconic Coca-Cola billboard in Times Square, bus takeovers, 3D signage, hand-painted murals, Dreamworld-inspired AR Snapchat lenses, and backdrops.

Coca-Cola Creations quenches fans’ thirst for experimentation, bringing together unexpected elements to deliver expressions that embody Coke’s “Real Magic” brand philosophy. The novelty and get-it-before-its-gone urgency of the limited-edition releases have resonated with young consumers, piquing their curiosity and bringing them back.

“What makes Coca-Cola Creations so special is the simplicity of its ‘first Coca-Cola to…’ promise,” Cascino said. “Every drop delivers an unexpected, never-before-seen product and experience in an only-Coke-can-do way by tapping into core Gen Z passions and cultural trends.”

To make Gen Z engaged with a brand you have to capture their attention. In times when young people are exposed to millions of visual stimuli, this becomes a challenge. In the mentioned case Coca-Cola clearly did it. Do you want to innovate with your brand? Contact us and make it real.

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