EmpowerXR - Training the Future

What Do We Aim to Achieve With Transformative Soft Skills Training?

We aim to boost career prospects for minorities and underserved communities in the USA, starting in the state of Georgia

Training Soft Skills with Next-Gen 3D/VR programs

EmpowerXR: Bridging Gaps & Unlocking Potential

We Train the Future

Black, Hispanic, Rural, Female, and Underserved Communities‘ members salaries are more impacted when their Soft Skills are limited.

Desktop, Mobile, and VR training apps. Conversational AI, online-asynchronous and immediate feedback…

EmpowerXR is a next-gen Soft Skills training solution that blends AI and 3D/VR to boost career prospects for minorities and underserved communities.

The Problem

People with limited SoftSkills training/capabilities, result in lower hourly wages, and job insecurity.

Lack of Soft Skills in the workplace...

ONLY 31%

of employers reported that their job candidates have satisfactory soft skills.


of employers agreed that soft skills impact job performance.


of employers stated they see value in soft skills training as a way to develop and evaluate employees.

Market Opportunity

Change In Real Wages by Soft/Occupational Skills


Elevating income and job prospects


Better Soft Skills increase +10% the employees’ hourly wage, among other benefits


Increase hourly wages and open job opportunities.

The Empower XR Solution

3D/VR & AI Soft Skills Training

How EmpowerXR Works

  • Step 1: Accessible 3D/VR Training Modules
    • Focus on Essential Soft Skills (Communication, Teamwork, Leadership)
  • Step 3: Trackable Progress
    • User Analytics for Continuous Enhancement
  • Step 2: AI-driven Assessment and Feedback
    • Instant Improvement Suggestions

Impact on Minorities and

Underserved Communities


Increased Hourly Wages and/or new jobs.


Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, and reducing the
race/gender wage gap.

Target Users

Primary Users:

Individuals from Minorities and Underserved Communities

Secondary Users:

Employers Seeking Diverse and Skilled Talent

Revenue Model

Subscription-Based Model

B2C and B2B Packages

Affordable Pricing

For Individual and Corporate Partners


Focus on

Government, Tech Colleges, Religious Organizations, and NGOs

Funding and Roadmap

◘ Currently Bootstrapping

◘ Defining Expansion, Marketing, R&D Roadmap

Investment Opportunity

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