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Gucci's First Ever Virtual Shoe Try-On in Collaboration with Snapchat

We live in a world where we do not have to leave the house to try on glasses, accessories, shoes or even makeup in order to feel a level of certainty when making a purchase. We live in a world where that certainty is provided by augmented reality on brands’ websites, letting us try things on virtually without having to physically be in-store.

Gucci’s Story

To create awareness and excitement around the launch of their new sneaker collection, Gucci partnered with Snapchat to launch the first global augmented reality shoe try-on campaign on the platform.

Leveraging the power of Snap’s AR platform and newly-launched SnapML feature in Lens Studio, Gucci was able to offer Snapchatters a beautiful and realistic try-on experience for four different pairs of sneakers!

Once they had tried the sneakers, Snapchatters could go straight to product page and purchase their favorite pair of shoes, thanks to a dedicated “Shop Now” button located inside the Lens. And many Snapchatters actually used this option to purchase the

sneakers right after playing with the Lens!

The Solution
To offer the best possible experience for Snapchatters, Gucci created 2

Face + World Lens combinations : 1 Lens for each gender, and two different pairs of sneakers inside each Lens.

From the Lens, Snapchatters could go straight to Gucci’s website to purchase the product online after their AR trial.

This Lens were promoted in two ways. It was first made available in the Snapchat camera. After that, it was also promoted using the Snap Ads to AR format, demonstrating how the Lens worked and encouraging Snapchatters to try the experience for themselves.

The Result

→ 18.9M Unique Reach
→ Positive ROAS

This ground breaking new AR experience was a real success for Gucci. Not only did the AR try-on experience catch many Snapchatter’s attention, it also kept them engaged. And this engagement translated into sales! The shopping AR experience generated positive ROAS, as Snapchatters were purchasing the products from the app! Not bad for a campaign that was only supposed to generate awareness and engagement…

Through this try-on campaign, Gucci also successfully reached consumers on a social media platform where the primary users are Gen Z. These are younger fans of the brand that do not necessarily have much income to afford luxury products yet, but whose brand loyalty still plays a huge role in the long run.

From the lens itself, Snapchat users could go straight to Gucci’s website to purchase the product online after their AR experience. Not only this campaign succeed in fostering brand engagement, but it also generated an impressive amount of sales from Snapchatters!


Just like IKEA Place and Sephora’s Virtual Artist, more and more brands are implementing augmented reality every day. With AR, businesses can provide a richer and more memorable user experience, increase brand engagement, enhance perceived products’ value and convey brands’ innovation.

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