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How is Augmented Reality Changing the Face of Advertising?

When it comes to Augmented Reality and its full potential, brands are missing out by only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Here is some research to help view AR through a different lens.

This research revealed more than just numbers – it unveiled the accelerating expectations of consumers, unearthing the significant gap between consumers and brands. The technology is here, the consumers are fluent, and the competition is onboard.

The AR revolution has arrived

By 2025, nearly 75% of the global population and almost all people who use social/communication apps will be frequent AR users. Consumers are striding ahead and brands need to catch up. AR is also a powerful tool to enrich the world around you, connect with others, and fuel self-improvement.

Consumer interest is high for a broad range of AR experiences, compared to brands’ interest in delivering them.

From awareness to loyalty 

AR enables brands to fuel seamless experiences along the consumer journey; from building awareness to long-term loyalty.

  • Awareness: ⅘ of brands that used AR lenses/ filters improved their brand awareness metrics.
  • Conversion: 86% of brands who use AR state it helps to drive sales, acquire new customers and drive performance metrics.

Loyalty: 75% of brands who use AR say it improves loyalty or customer experience.

Thanks to its immersive “try-on” technology, AR gives consumers confidence about how a product will look and fit, enabling them to make more accurate choices. This can result in fewer returns, helping brands save money and reduce their environmental impact overall. Brands and consumers already using AR see the potential.

> 79% of brands claim the number of returns a customer makes will be reduced 

The possibilities are endless and consumers are already exploring these new AR horizons. It’s time brands take advantage of the technology available to create more immersive experiences that meet or surpass consumers’ expectations. Merge into this new wave and be part of the innovation of the future.

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