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KFC Launches Augmented Reality Game with a Bucketload of Prizes

KFC launched ‘The Great Bucket Hunt’. A mobile-based adventure game with augmented reality (AR) that allows KFC fans to win food, sports, and food experiences.

Available to KFC customers nationwide, players could search for virtual buckets placed all over the country of Australia, with prizes worth up to $50,000 to be won.

The announcement read: “Playing couldn’t be easier; simply tap ‘The Great Bucket Hunt’ on the KFC App to go forth in your bucket-hunting quest. To hunt down the goods, use the Bucket Map to find the virtual buckets, then spin them using AR to see what you’ve won and add them to your stash. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll know there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition, which is why your fellow bucket-hunters can snap up virtual buckets right in front of your very eyes”.

Prizes won in the game must be redeemed within 72 hours, via the KFC app. Participants could also only redeem one food prize per day. No one walked away empty-handed. Everyone was a winner in “The Great Bucket Hunt” with a tonne of drool-worthy prizes to be won from a range of categories, including:

👉 Free KFC food: 15-piece Original Recipe, 3-piece Original Tenders, Zinger Burger, Ultimate Box, Large Popcorn Chicken, Nugget Go Bucket, and more…

👉 KFC merch and great value deals: KFC hoodies, 30 for $10 Nuggets, 21 for $21 Original Recipe Chicken, 10 for $10 Tenders, $2 Sliders, and more

👉 Sports and food experiences: NRL Grand Final tickets, AFL Grand Final tickets, Ashes Tickets, Free KFC for a year, KFC Family Feed every Sunday for a year and your own KFC Catering Pack

👉 Cash prizes: $25 – $200 Eftpos gift cards, $5,000 cash, and for one lucky winner, $50,000 in cash!!

👉 Users could also hunt for three Golden Buckets to score either $5,000 or to be the one lucky player who will walk away with the $50,000.

So now you know what’s up for grabs, all that remains to be answered is how to hit the jackpot, all users have to do is find three Golden Buckets to score either $5,000 or to be the one lucky player who will walk away with the $50,000. Anything could happen in this game of chance, so users won’t know if they have a Golden Bucket until they find it and spin it.

Users could only redeem one food prize per day, so they had to make it count. Or maybe you were feeling lucky and were ready to take on the Colonel in a game of Flip the Coin by choosing the food item in your stash to forfeit and choosing heads or tails to play. But you only got one go for every food prize you won, so whether you got the same prize back or something better or worse, there was no telling until you played.

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