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Lyre’s is Using Augmented Reality to Debut Their Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Now more than ever, Lyre’s makes it easier to lovingly craft the perfect no or low-alcoholic cocktail. From Amazon Alexa helping you create a perfect tipple to our Virtual Bartender in AR and gift finder tools, non-alcoholic options are available to you anywhere, anytime.

Treasure in a Bottle

Since October, consumers have been able to scan the QR code on select bottleneck labels and access the Lyre’s Impossible Bar.

Each bottle of Lyre’s has been assigned an animal; these characters will ‘come to life’ in Lyre’s Impossible Bar, and will guide users through a virtual gallery of globally recognized cocktail recipes.

The AR (augmented reality) experience can also be accessed online and can be shared directly to all social media channels. The aim is to encourage consumers to explore the non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ category.

Paul Gloster, Lyre’s chief marketing officer, said: “Lyre’s makes it easier than ever to take your favorite drink and ‘make it a Lyre’s’.”  “We wanted to push the boundaries of what is possible from a marketing perspective, put the consumer in charge and expand our digital interactivity, using Alexa and augmented reality to add more brand depth and information to make it a practical experience, not just a cool bit of tech.”

An AR Experience Without Apps → 

“No apps, downloading or bottles are required to unlock this incredible AR experience. Anyone who has a smart phone can scan the QR code with their camera to enter the Lyre’s Impossible Bar” praises Ashleigh Murray of the technology’s creators.

“It’s here that you will not only learn how to craft the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail, but also be able to shop the product, find discounts, sign up to the database or locate a store near you. We believe this experience is not only fun and engaging, but is completely functional in addressing education, trial, positive sentiment and repeat purchase.”

Bringing your products to life is something that only AR can achieve. This level of interaction provides your customers with an experience that is unique to your brand. Will you adapt this technology? Or will you stay behind the competition? Contact us and we can provide you with all different kinds of tools that will improve your marketing

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