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Magic Leap 2 is NOW available for Enterprise

First of Its Kind Features like Dynamic Dimming™ technology and a Smaller, Lighter Headset Address Barriers, Other Devices Have Been Unable to Overcome to Reach Widespread Adoption of AR Technology in Enterprise Settings

Plantation, FL – September 30, 2022, Magic Leap announced that its next-generation enterprise augmented reality platform, Magic Leap 2, is now commercially available. Magic Leap 2 is now available to all customers in the United States, Canada, UK, EU (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland), and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Availability in Japan and Singapore is expected before the end of the year.

The widespread availability of the Magic Leap 2 comes after a successful Early Access Program with companies like Cisco, SentiAR, NeuroSync, Heru, Taqtile, PTC, and Brainlab. During this period, Magic Leap continued to refine and improve the device for training, communication, and remote assistance use cases in clinical settings, industrial environments, defense, and retail stores.

“The Magic Leap 2 is the smallest and lightest augmented reality device built for the enterprise,” said Peggy Johnson, CEO of Magic Leap. “After working with customers across industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and the public sector, we’re proud to release a device that features innovative breakthroughs critical to driving widespread adoption, including Dynamic DimmingTM technology, the industry’s largest field of view, and unparalleled image quality and text legibility. Magic Leap 2 will take the current use cases to the next level, and we can’t wait to see what our customers create.”

Magic Leap 2 integrates new innovations to address the historical barriers that have prevented the widespread adoption of AR technology and are critical to making AR a valuable tool for daily use in the healthcare, manufacturing/light industrial, retail, and defense sectors.

Key features and innovations of Magic Leap 2 include:

→ An open platform that empowers enterprises and developers with flexibility, cloud autonomy, and data privacy

→ 20% lighter and 50% smaller in volume than Magic Leap 1

→ Proprietary optics breakthroughs that enable best-in-class image quality, color fidelity, and text legibility

→ Largest field of view (up to 70° diagonal), compared to similar, currently available AR devices

→ Dynamic DimmingTM technology, a first-to-market innovation that enables Magic Leap 2 to be used more effectively in brightly lit settings with greater image solidity

Each of these advancements is designed to increase utility, comfort, and sustained use, in order to deliver what the enterprise market has been asking for — a device that can provide an immediate return on investment and can be worn for extended periods of time.

Three Commercially Available Editions

Set at a premium price, the device also comes with support for Magic Leap’s open platform. Besides the pricier ‘Developer Pro’ and ‘Enterprise’ editions, there is a consumer-level ‘Base’ edition.

📍 Magic Leap 2 Base edition is best for standalone use by professionals and developers that wish to access the most immersive augmented reality device available. The device starts at an MSRP $3,299 USD.

📍 Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro provides access to developer tools, sample projects, enterprise-grade features, and monthly early releases for development and test purposes.  Only for internal use in the development and testing of applications. Use in commercial deployments and production environments is not permitted. Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro will start at an MSRP $4,099 USD.

📍 Magic Leap 2 Enterprise is designed for environments that require flexible, large-scale IT deployments and robust enterprise features. This tier includes quarterly software releases fully manageable via enterprise UEM/MDM solutions. Use in commercial deployments and production environments is permitted. Magic Leap 2 Enterprise comes with 2 years of access to enterprise features and updates and will start at an MSRP $4,999 USD.

Magic Leap 2 in Action

Built for the Enterprise

Despite everything we hear about the metaverse and consumer applications, there is real progress being made in the enterprise, Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson said.

“In the last several years, we’ve seen AR begin providing utility across industries like healthcare, manufacturing and the public sector, and we’re seeing that interest increase as the technology continues to advance, user experience improves, and more applications are developed,” she said.

It’s for this reason that Johnson focused the company’s efforts on the enterprise, including tailoring the next generation device, Magic Leap 2, specifically for enterprise customers. While touting the progress, Johnson acknowledged the tech is a work in progress on the road to the metaverse.


Magic Leap 2 aims to push the boundaries of effective use of Mixed Reality and widespread adoption of it. With its practical design, Magic Leap’s new smaller and lighter AR glasses is an exciting product for businesses looking at innovative ways to streamline their processes or manufacturers to enhance their assembly process.

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