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Mixing the Real and the Virtual: Driving in the Future

Have you ever imagined using Augmented Reality (AR) to replace objects in your home office, like monitors or TVs, with exciting virtual experiences? Well, the possibilities of AR don’t stop there. Imagine transforming your daily commute into something extraordinary. And we don’t even need to look into the future to see this in action.

In 2022, BMW showcased the power of Mixed Reality by converting an empty parking lot into an electrifying virtual race track. This visionary blend of real-world and digital elements hints at a future where technology shapes our surroundings and redefines our experiences on the go, blurring the boundary between imagination and reality.

In this captivating experience, a VR headset brings the BMW M2 to life on a virtual race track within an empty parking lot. Users are transported to a retro-futuristic digital realm, racing to collect tokens reminiscent of video games. This virtual world seamlessly intertwines with the real one as the genuine BMW M2 is driven and maneuvered, accompanied by a safety engineer.

Through this groundbreaking technology, drivers perceive their actual hands, steering wheel, and dashboard while witnessing a digital transformation of the passenger side and rear cabin through VR. To combat motion sickness, the VR headset synchronizes the car’s movements with the driver’s inputs, ensuring a comfortable experience.


Reflecting on this innovation, the potential becomes evident: an exciting fusion of the digital and physical realms during driving. Imagine test-driving a car at a dealership using a VR headset in an expansive lot. Visualize navigating real race tracks virtually – an exhilarating encounter without leaving the dealership.


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