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NASA Creates a New WebAR Experience to Introduce the Webb Space Telescope

Looking to explore the deepest parts of the universe, NASA builds the Webb Space Telescope. Known as the largest, most complex, and most powerful space telescope ever made, the Webb Space Telescope opened a new era of space exploration with the release of its first images from space. To celebrate this significant accomplishment, they released a WebAR experience allowing space enthusiasts worldwide to understand the inner workings of this sophisticated machinery.

The experience begins with a portal from space appearing in the user’s physical space and the Webb Space Telescope emerging from the portal. Once fully emerged, interactive hotspots appear throughout the telescope that users can tap to learn more about the history, launch mission, gold-coated mirror segments, sunshield deployment, and the way it detects infrared light. Users can then walk around the telescope to see the intricate details and view it from every angle. Users who are curious about the size of the 14,000-pound telescope can also open a second experience that shows the telescope at full scale in the user’s space with the sunshield fully extended.

This augmented reality experience allows space enthusiasts to learn about the telescope in a fun and interactive way. As this experience is web-based and does not require an app to download, users are able to immediately engage with the AR directly from their phones.

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