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New Partnership Brings AR to the Car-wrapping Industry, with a Nationwide Reach


By partnering with Full Throttle Wraps, an all-size vehicle wrapping company based on the east coast, with national reach, we have created a new solution providing a full package that includes the vehicle wrap concept, design, and installation, and includes Augmented Reality experiences design and deployment, for high-profile vehicle owners and companies’ fleets.

AR + Wrapped Fleet = Engagement and Traction secured.

Companies might have their fleets already customized/wrapped, but they are not using the full potential of adding visual experiences to their vehicles. Using Captivatar’s WebAR and Mobile App technologies, and FTW expertise, we are adding gamification and enhancing the end-user experience when they are nearby an AR-enabled wrapped truck (or car, boat, or up to a helicopter!). The experience range from a simple video or animation, to a fully interactive game playable against the wrapped vehicle, competing with other players side-by-side or anywhere, based on the story that the company or brand wants to tell, providing fun and sharable experiences to the end-users.

At Wrapscon, held with an in-person audience (finally!) at the Indiana Convention center, we were able to showcase the Technologies and Art that are the basement of our Partnership.

Indy and ROI

Among other use cases, we showcased animated logos, our amazing Zombdart (pictured above), and a bug-hunting game playable with the side of a wrapped van, both with WebAR and Mobile App AR technology.

During the conference, new use cases and possibilities arose, focusing on high-profile clients and brands wanting to attract their customers in this post-pandemic scenario.

The experiences don’t need a QR code to run. They can run directly from web-based links (or QR scan if desired but not mandatory), with or without downloadable apps.

Data capturing and traffic measuring tools were also shown, to provide stakeholders with the right information to make decisions and analyze the campaign results in real-time.