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Porsche Uses AR to Educate its Employees on Brand Values

Due to the ongoing digitalisation, industries often have to hire talented employees with only a superficial bond with the brand. At the same time, longtime established workers wonder about the future of their company. When Porsche faced this challenge, the automotive company developed a virtual solution:

A new digital application that makes the company’s approximately 35,000 employees familiar with the brand’s purpose and values.

In order to increase the employees’ knowledge of the brand and their enthusiasm for it in a simple and practical way, Porsche developed a web-based application: the Digital Brand Academy. It can be used at any time and without installing an app.

Using augmented reality elements, the application guides users through the chapters “Where have we come from?”, “What do we stand for?” and “Where are we going?” in a fun and interactive way. During this digital journey, they learn what defines Porsche as a brand and also have the opportunity to experience the brand first-hand – for example, by taking a virtual drive in the Porsche Taycan.

3D scenes, videos, and interactive elements are interwoven to create an integrated experience. The technology encourages users to become a part of the story actively and provides an easy way for them to train their brand knowledge from any location. The application, therefore, offers a new kind of brand training.

When developing the Digital Brand Academy, our aim from the beginning was not just to impart brand knowledge, but to create an active and immersive user experience that delivers content in a fun and engaging way,” says Deniz Keskin, Director of Brand Management at Porsche.

With the Digital Brand Academy, Porsche brings its brand to life in an innovative yet practical way, and with an attractive design. The Digital Brand Academy also received two Red Dot Awards. The jury was particularly impressed by the creativity and innovation of the application in the categories “Interface & UX” and “Brand Design & Identity”.

In this case, AR shows in a fun, simple, and practical way how easy is to turn the learning process of employees into a whole new experience. Although this is only the tip of the iceberg, there are so much more things that you can explore with XR technologies. Visit our website and find out!

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