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How Social Media Can Help the Food Industry

How Can You Engage Your Audience With Your Brand if You Offer Food Services?

By using social media, you’ll be able to create a relationship with your audience, which will result in engagement with your brand and increase your sales.

For example, we develop TikTok and Instagram Filters that assure audience-engagement and increase total sales. By using social media and AR, most brands manage to get…


Discreetly make your restaurant know by placing people within its confines through TikTok/Instagram filters.

Tomatotal Joy

Simple and colorful backgrounds contrasting against realistic but still colorful objects result in attractive media that will get the attention of everyone. Try to stand out from the norm!

Chipstactic Face

Maybe you aren’t part of a restaurant franchise but want to start your own snacks business. Don’t worry! Social media can serve just as well -if not better- for your business. Don’t just make people engage with your snack, help them become the snack!

Carrots of Fun

Following the same philosophy as the Tomato Face, call the attention of the public with colorful and high-contrast images.

And if that’s not enough, try hiding some easter eggs, and let people discover them. That will cause natural discourse over your product.

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