Success Stories

AR Empowering Education and Entrepreneurship at Levan Center, NSU

CaptivatAR and PeakActivity partnered with the Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation at Nova Southeastern University to initiate the process of developing augmented reality experiences. Aspiring entrepreneurs and NSU students benefited from utilizing these AR experiences to enhance their comprehension and expertise in business, innovation, and technology.

CaptivatAR and PeakActivity's Digital Innovation team supported the Levan Center during the following months to create interactive technology experiences centered around augmented reality and spatial computing for the Center's opening.

The objective of incorporating these AR and spatial computing experiences was to contribute to the narrative of the Levan Center, effectively showcasing various aspects of the facility, with particular emphasis on the Cyber Rangeā€”a cutting-edge facility dedicated to cybersecurity and training.

CaptivatAR and PeakActivity, through this initiative, explored both present and future developments within the NSU Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center. In this endeavor, PeakActivity extended technical assistance, subject matter proficiency, and technology advancement. Additionally, they offered spatial computing services to deliver captivating augmented reality experiences, aiming to astonish and engage visitors.

Collaboration among Levan Center partners will be facilitated within an environment that promotes innovative approaches and the adoption of new technology. NSU students and entrepreneurs, including those from early-stage and young startup companies, will have the chance to thrive within an open mindset of innovation as they advance and accelerate their career trajectories. This initiative offers a distinct opportunity for South Florida to establish itself as a hub of emerging technology, fostering the development of students and businesses to make a significant global impact.

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