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Redefining Cooking with AR

For the past few decades, augmented reality has been a dream that was always just out of reach. While the concept of AR has been around for years, it’s only now becoming possible to actually use it in practical applications. The main hurdle to overcome has been latency—the time between when a user makes an action and it is detected by the device and responded to.

However, thanks to 5G technology, it is now possible to overcome this issue by providing low-latency connectivity that is nearly instantaneous. This means we can finally create augmented reality experiences that are responsive and accurate, which opens up all kinds of possibilities for how we can use AR in our lives.

Changing the Culinary World

This is where Giga AR stepped in, a groundbreaking approach to cooking that uses augmented reality to empower users to keep their hands free, focus entirely on following cooking instructions and access exclusive recipes from Steffen Henssler.

Instead of relying on traditional recipe books, Giga AR empowers users to keep their hands free, allowing them to focus entirely on following cooking instructions. Step-by-step recipes are guided through integrated Gaze control, giving users the ability to pause, skip, or repeat steps simply by controlling their gaze.


Moreover, users have the choice of accessing Kitchen Stories, a digital video-based cooking platform, or they can opt to have Steffen Henssler virtually guide them with exclusive recipes.

In conclusion, with the arrival of 5G technology, augmented reality is now a practical reality. To explore further insights into the transformative world of augmented reality, check out our other blog posts. Happy reading!

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