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Ritz-Carlton Millenia: AR as a New Way to Showcase Art


🗣 Art can move – emotionally. But over at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, the art pieces move too. Visitors and guests can now interact, virtually, with seven of the hotel’s renowned pieces as part of its newly launched augmented reality art tour.

The self-directed experience, believed to be the first in the world, is an interactive, immersive, and socially distant alternative for digital natives to explore works by Frank Stella, Dale Chihuly, and other renowned artists.

“Even if you are not an art enthusiast, our new augmented reality art tour now offers a fun and engaging way to interact with the art in the hotel on a completely different level,” said director of sales and marketing, Mark Aldridge. 

The multi-sensory tour begins with just a mobile phone: simply scan a QR code located near the reception to kickstart this multi-sensory adventure. Read up on various artist profiles and their inspiration, immerse in soothing soundscapes, and even interact with moving computer graphics, all from the web browser of the phone. A nifty bonus: photos and videos can also be easily captured and shared on social media.

Beyond providing content for instagram, the experiential art tour also provides a fun, family-friendly way to get acquainted with some of the 4,200 artworks that the hotel has.

Here is a peep at what to expect:


Cornucopia, Frank Stella

This towering chandelier, located in the lobby of the hotel, comes modeled after a sun visor. Colorful fluttering butterflies help accentuate its outdoor inspiration.

Chrysanthemums, Tay Bak Koi

The late local artist Tay Bak Koi created a soothing landscape, filled with vibrantly hued chrysanthemum flowers. Through your phone, enter a tranquil world filled with cascading petals matched with the sound of rustling leaves.

Sunset, Dale Chihuly

A green “Anemone Wall” comes alive with its organic and free-forming shape.

Double Screw, John Rose

Flanking the lift lobby are two screw-like sculptures; their grooves provide a fitting visual reference to the motorized systems that run the lifts.

China China, Zhu Wei

Strike a pose with these life-sized sculptures, or take a bow alongside these welcoming figures, reminiscent of terracotta figures in Mao suits.

The AR technology at Ritz-Carlton Singapore Millenia is introducing customers to a new way of admiring art, one that is more vivid and way more exciting. New technologies are allowing brands all over the world to give their public innovative experiences.

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