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Share a Unique Web-Based Augmented Reality Greeting for Veteran’s Day

Share a unique web-based Augmented Reality greeting for Veteran’s Day 

Today, November 11, it’s a particularly important day: Veteran’s Day. In honor of current and former members of the United States Armed Forces, we thank all veterans for their service to the country.

And because we value them so much, we have created a WebAR Greeting that we encourage you to send to a veteran.

What is a WebAR Greeting? 

Would you like to be able to turn a holiday habit into an innovative moment? You do not need to download an App, just press the button at the end of this article and follow a few steps. Personalize your own Holiday WebAR Greeting, so that your business can distinguish itself from competitors towards clients, employees, suppliers, and so on..

Bring life to your greetings with a seamless experience

The truth is that you have to make a real impact when connecting with your audience to distinguish yourself from others. For starters, users can engage with the technology through triggers such as a QR code, link, or real-world object. In fact, studies have shown that there is a 50% drop-off in engagement for any digital experience that takes over 30 seconds to load. Downloading an app to load an AR experience often takes longer than this.

Also, it’s a cost-effective way for brands to create meaningful engagement. It provides a uniform experience across devices and browsers that can be used with loads of multimedia content that enhances different types of events.

If we are talking about the pros of using AR in your businesses’ greetings, there are lots of them! Just to name some, we’ll say it creates impactful experiences by augmenting marketing touchpoints with multimedia, 3D content, and gamification possibilities. Moreover, it pushes the limits and scale of customer interaction with your brand beyond an event or given experience.  The best part is that it is not only easy to use without technical knowledge or app installation but also easy to integrate into or extend existing marketing strategies.

Check out the different ideas of Web AR greetings we have on our webpage and implement any other innovative ideas such as fairs, business presentations, anniversaries, and more! To experience them, just click on the button below and follow the instructions! Soon you’ll be immersed in WebAR!

Whatever message you may want to send, we can create your own personalized web AR Greeting. Just click Here!