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Taking Independence Day to the next Level: Innovative Greetings with CaptivatAR


🗣 The 4th of July 🎉 is right around the corner and at CaptivatAR we are wondering how are you planning on sending greetings to your clients on Independence Day 👀

Will you stick with the old-fashioned way? Some heavy-used email listing as every other year? Or will you be innovative and disruptive, choosing to provide your customers with cutting-edge technology that other companies are already dabbling in? 🤔

The secret is out: if you snooze you lose 🙃 And the truth is, whoever is not already jumping into the AR train, is getting left behind!

New technologies are revolutionizing the way we do literally everything and greeting your clients on a special date is not the exception! So, if you are ready to #JoinTheRevolution, don’t worry because at CaptivatAR we got you covered 😎

No more paper, let’s go digital!

🗣 Introducing with you our innovative 4th of July greeting, so this year you can salute your clients using the advantages of Augmented Reality to enhance your brand’s storytelling and human connection, by delivering a personal message to your clients, customers, or employees.

The best part is, that using it is extremely easy and you don’t even need to download an app to do so. Just follow the link we are copying right below, click on “check it out!”, then point to any surface and tap on the blue ring to position the experience!


This innovative greeting can be used in tablets and cellphones with both safari and chrome browsers. 

Bring life to your greetings

🗣 Now let’s cut to the chase,which is the truth to why you should prefer bringing your greetings to life with AR instead of sticking to old ways. For starters, we all know how important impressions are, this way you can make a real impact when connecting with your audience. It’s also a cost-effective way for brands to create meaningful engagement, regardless of audience location and language. AR can be used with loads of multimedia content that enhances events like holiday celebrations, anniversaries, launches, conferences, presentations, and more.

Here are just a few ideas on use-cases for this AR-powered innovative greetings 👇

        Seasonal company celebrations such as Christmas, New Years and Easter

        Specific celebrations such as anniversaries and launches

        Events, such as fairs and conferences

        Business presentations


🗣 If we are talking about the pros of using AR in your businesses’ greetings, there are lots of them! Just to name some, we’ll say it creates impactful experiences by augmenting marketing touchpoints with multimedia, 3D content, and gamification possibilities. Moreover, it pushes the limits and scale of customer interaction with your brand beyond an event or given experience.  The best part is, that not only is it easy to use without technical knowledge or app installation, but it is also easy to integrate into or extend existing marketing strategies.

👀 So the real question is why aren’t you taking advantage of these opportunities to take your business to the next level yet? We have said it before and we repeat it now, AR is part of #TheFutureOfTechnology and that future is already here! What are you waiting for?

📲 Check out here and learn more about how CaptivatAR can be the partner your business needs to become a part of the tech revolution allowing you to give your clients new and enhanced experiences!