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The Advantages of WebAR Technology

📣WebAR or web-based augmented reality, refers to the technology which enables augmented reality to work within a browser. WebAR requires no app to download. Users access WebAR by clicking a link or scanning a QR code to open an AR-enabled web page in their browser.

🙌WebAR opens up new ways to connect with users by engaging them in extraordinary, interactive experiences anywhere they are.
These are some advantages of this incredible technology 👇:

🔝Massive Reach: WebAR offers the widest reach possible of all AR platforms with 3.5 billion smartphones worldwide across iOS and Android devices.

🤯Creative Freedom: Harness the freedom and flexibility of the web with complete control of your content, launch schedule, analytics solution, etc.

📱No App Download: WebAR experiences require no app to download, reducing activation energy and barrier to entry to increase engagement with your content.

👉WebAR technology enables meaningful brand engagement, and your company has the opportunity to get on it. Contact us and start making new experiences!