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The Mars landing by 2026 will be a watershed moment for XR as viewers step with the first astronaut into Mars.

👨 David Whelan, the CEO of 3D spatial platform Engage, points to the rush to buy televisions following Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon and the likelihood that when the first human lands on Mars in five or so years the event will be supported by 360-degree cameras placed on its surface.

In 1969, when Neil Armstrong took that first step, everybody was running to the TV to watch the event and then TV adoption really blew up with many households getting a TV set for the first time.
So, let’s say in five years when we have somebody walk on Mars, one of the ways this major event is going to be broadcast is through virtual reality 360 cameras placed on the surface of Mars. And when that first person takes that first step, it’s going to be broadcast in VR. So your choice is going to be, am I going to watch this event on the telly or am I going to put on a headset and stand next to the person as they take that historic step? And I think a lot of people will actually take the leap and say I’m going to get a headset and get that experience first-hand. I also predict that the first person to walk on Mars is going to be a woman.

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