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What is HoloLens 2 and How is it Different from HoloLens 1?

▶HoloLens2 is the second iteration of Microsoft’s revolutionary head-mounted mixed reality device. It’s a device you put on your head, with a visor over your eyes, which enables a completely new way of interacting with information.

👉It’s a self-contained device, with an on-board computer and built-in Wi-Fi, which acts as a client for data on the device itself, the Azure cloud, or the web in general.

👉Compared to its predecessor, it’s an almost completely new product with more computing power, better sensors, longer battery life, and a few extra properties. It’s got a bigger FOV (field of view) which enables the user to see more information and makes the device more interesting to use with applications that present a lot of information.

🙌There are completely new, more intuitive, hand gestures, which enable easier content manipulation. Any command could be a combination of the user’s hand movement combined with voice control. 🔝The most obvious improvement in comparison to the old model is that the device is smaller and lighter. This makes it much more comfortable to wear and to work with. We can assume this should enable longer daily usage times.

📣We develop and deploy HoloLens 2 applications for cross-industry uses, prototypes for experimental uses and develop unique use cases that can help to transform the way people work, share and communicate.

🚀We are Microsoft Partners and we are your ideal partner to:
✅ Develop custom enterprise-ready HoloLens 2 applications to increase user accuracy and output.
✅ Validate your idea with a small working prototype.

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