XR for Training & Simulations

What’s XR?

XR is an emerging umbrella term for all immersive technologies. The ones we already have today: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR); plus those that are still to be created. All immersive technologies extend the reality we experience by either blending the virtual and “real” worlds or by creating a fully immersive experience.

Reduce Training Time, Increase Retention, and Improve Performance using

AR/VR/MR For Training And Simulations

Some Astonishing Stats


of companies in the US are either in the process of integrating VR into their strategy.
Source: PwC 2022 US Metaverse Survey

How does VR perform as a training tool for soft skills?

PwC set out to answer this question with a study of VR specially designed for soft skills training. Selected employees from a group of new managers in 12 US locations took the same training — designed to address inclusive leadership — in one of three learning modalities: classroom, e-learn, and v-learn (VR).

The results?

The survey showed that VR can help business leaders upskill their employees faster, even at a time when training budgets may be shrinking and in-person training may be off the table.


faster to train that in the classroom.


more confident to apply skills learned after training.


more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners.


more focused than their e-learning peers.

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Why Use AR, VR, and MR for Workforce Development?

Because It helps organizations transition from traditional training methods, recruitment, and team building to more of a technology-based workforce using AR and VR. This technology has the potential to help organizations train new employees, advance current employees’ skills, elevate the recruitment process, and expand ways to do team building.

Because improve:

  • Employee performance,
  • Reduce training costs,
  • Do the impossible,
  • Boost learning retention,
  • Create a more engaging learning program,
  • More practical hands-on approach,
  • Safety,
  • Built-in measurement & grading,
  • Scalable,
  • Simple worldwide distribution,
  • Encourage exploration,
  • Trial & mistakes,
  • Collaborative learning,
  • Immediate feedback

Hardware for XR Training and Simulation

Thanks to our technology intelligence, we follow the quick evolution of the market and take part in early access developer programs to test all new hardware prototypes and advise you on the best technology. A wide range of different hardware is available on the market, we will recommend you the best technical solution based on your business needs.


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