XR/3D for Ecommerce

AR/3D product images improve conversion by more than 30%, increasing engagement and minimizing returns. Your customer can examine a product like they would in real life, truly seeing the quality and details so they can purchase with confidence.

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Your business, made better, in 3D

Bring an in-store browsing experience to online retail with Captivatar, we have the capability of creating 3D products for your website, mobile app, and AR application.

From creation to conversion, we’re with you the whole way

We can create from scratch your 3D model or we can use the ones you already have and adapt it to AR developments.

How AR/3D can improve Ecommerce Businesses?

Augmented reality in shopping allows customers to virtually try on and test products all through an electronic device. AR helps customers feel like they are in a brick-and-mortar store interacting with products.

Virtual Try-on Solutions

Empower customers to try on your products on their face and body before purchase.

It looked great on the mannequin. -Everybody, at least once, after trying a new clothing item for the first time and realizing it doesn’t suit you at all.

The fear of that very outcome can reduce conversion rates. Shoppers want to really know what they’re getting and take every precaution for it to be what they want. And if they do take the chance to buy and it doesn’t work out, your return rates will go up.

AR/3D helps online shoppers understand what they’re buying and how the items will work for them. There are applications like this for clothing, makeup, accessories and even eyeglasses.

Products Visualization

Enable customers to visualize products in their environment, from furniture, home decor to real estate properties.

What will that couch really look like in the living room? How big will that television screen appear on the wall? It can be difficult to tell even when you’re at the store looking at the physical item — never mind, we could develop the solution to looking at it on a small computer or mobile screen.

Product visualization gives customers a real-time glimpse of what a product will look like when placed in their own environment.

A clear example of this is the way IKEA is using AR/3D to place true-to-scale 3D models of IKEA products using iPhones and iPads.

AR and 3D Analytics

Measure the impact of AR & 3D from both user and product perspectives, and get valuable insights to better inform digital strategy. Track your eCommerce metrics such as engagement, conversion, revenue per visit for Captivatar-enabled products, and continuously improve your customer experience with Captivatar’s A/B testing capabilities. And we’re just getting started!

Value for your Investment

Easily understand the ROI from shoppers engaging with Captivatar by implementing our transaction tracking pixel. We provide access to regular reporting and data for tracking engagement and conversion.

  • Measure the impact of AR & 3D from both user and product perspectives
  • Evaluate variations of your product experiences for optimizing results with Captivatar’s A/B testing platform

Knowledge is Power

Get access to reporting and data for deeper business insight into customer engagement, shopper experience, and ROI.

Effectively analyze conversions and revenue lifts and transaction tracking of your product experiences for optimization with Vertebrae’s A/B testing.

Accelerate Your eCommerce Results

The use of 3D & AR for online shopping has proven to improve your most important KPIs and success metrics.


Increase in coversion rates


Decrease in products returns


Of customer prefer 3D

Benefits of AR/3D in Retail

Boosting Sales

Minimizing Returns

Increasing Customer Engagement

Creating Social Media Content

Colecting Data on Customer Preferences

Delivering Contacless Experience

Reducing Staffing Expenses

Building Customer Loyalty

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