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Social Media Experiences

Social Media Face Filters

If you’ve used Instagram Stories or Snapchat lately, you may have used an AR filter. These filters were once used just for fun, but over the years there’s been a rise in the number of brands jumping on the AR bandwagon through social media filters.

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • It’s a great way to showcase a new product by enabling people to test out how it’ll look on them.
  • The novelty factor of AR filters can help boost audience engagement and encourage people to tag you in their content.
  • The “wow” factor can help you stand out from the crowd of brands on social media and showcase what makes you unique.

webAR Greetings Cards

webAR Greetings Cards help you make an impact when you connect with your audience. This solution is a cost-effective way for brands to create meaningful engagement, regardless of audience location and language. Each card contains multimedia content that enhances events like holiday celebrations, anniversaries, launches, conferences, presentations, and more. Not just during the events themselves, but long into the future.

AR Games

Are you looking for a way to get your customers more engaged to drive profit?
We believe augmented reality is the ultimate solution to drive long-term engagement. Indeed, with AR, it’s possible to add a new dimension to entertainment that allows your customers to become active participants instead of passive viewers.

We’ve seen with our own eyes how AR can bring a new level of interactivity and engagement to your experience by merging the real world with the virtual one.

Entertainment requires a certain healthy dose of novelty to capture and retain your customers’ attention. That’s why leveraging new technologies like augmented reality is critical to stay relevant. Today, the younger generation is more connected than ever, and their expectation of immersive experience is at an all-time high.

Augmented reality (AR) marketing is a proven method for boosting consumer interest and engagement. It is also a way of positioning your brand as forward-thinking. According to research by Marketing Dive, AR “is the most likely technology to make consumers think a brand is innovative.”

Why CaptivatAR

We offer an end-to-end marketing solution to help
you build brand awareness and engagement.

We provide creative strategy, concepts and moodboards.

We take excesive brand assets and turn them into 3D renderings.

We generate an AR experience using your 3D assets.

We provide analytics to help you track the success of your campaing.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Marketing and Advertising

It allows for a much more immersive and interactive storytelling format based on three-dimensional experiences. It also has the ability to bring together multiple digital communication assets and branded content.
It offers additional but significant information. For example, a bottle of wine with a QR code that, when scanned, shows its characteristics and fun facts.
Add value and originality. Many brands are starting to develop web AR games with incentives and prizes to offer a longer and more fun experience to the user in order to build a relationship.
It offers a real experience and creates a new bidirectional communication channel that leads to user interaction. For example, a mupi or a billboard on the street or at a bus stop with an integrated augmented reality experience. A new model of interactive advertising with a much more attractive format to seduce the user.
It creates a relationship between the brand and the user through gamification processes. We are talking, for example, about being able to take the user to different locations, such as a treasure hunt, or even the creation of interactive games. Imagine you are in a restaurant and, while you are waiting for your food, you can play a game, win prizes, and even free food.

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