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Use Cases

Augmented reality (AR) technology is a unique tool empowering restaurants, delivery services, and other vendors in the food service industry.

Augmented Menus

Augmented reality (AR) food menu enables restaurants to present their menu in 3D, providing stunning visualization of their dishes and thus opportunities for up-selling.

Kids AR-based Games

Waiting with little ones can be tough. This is where quick, easy games for kids come in!

AR Social Media Experiences

Social media AR, particularly in the form of filters, is a growing trend.

Food Delivery

Customers can see the food, to scale, on their own table. They can combine different side dishes with main courses, keeping the customer wholly in control of their selections.

Enhance Product Packaging

AR technology is also used by food and drink brands to supplement their packaging by providing additional virtual information on top of physical labels.

Staff Training

By layering information on top of an employee's view, AR can be used for employee training in restaurants.

Some Astonishing Augmented Reality Stats


of restaurateurs plan to implement customer engagement initiatives to keep customers coming back.


There will be augmented reality users on mobile by 2024.


of consumers believe AR can bring them benefits.


of consumers believe AR can bring them benefits.

Augmented Menus

AR Attractive Food Menu

Better than static menus, augmented reality menus can bring dishes to life — and potentially make customers more likely to order them. In contrast to regular menus, AR menus allow diners to see every detail of a dish, including the texture of products used, portion sizes, and additional information such as ingredients.

Offering AR Food Menus

With AR restaurants can create a detailed 3D model of actual menus or dishes to provide an advanced version of conventional menus to the customers.

Customers can use their Smartphones or Tablets to view the digital representations of food menus and additional information like portion size, nutritional information, ingredients, and more.

AR food items can be customized to demonstrate complementary alternatives for drinks, appetizers, and desserts.

Cocktails with amazing AR
City Social London

Mirage by City Social takes the humble cocktail and brings it to life.
This unique cocktail menu combines delicious drinks with aumented reality to tell a chronological story of how art has been expressed throughout history.

Kids AR-Based Games

Fun AR based Games That May Keep The Boredom In Check

To inspire young animal lovers around the world as well as reduce the kids’ meal plastic footprint, Animal Planet and Burger King launched a collection of paper-based King Jr. meal toys and activities that featured six augmented reality portals. Available at approximately 14,000 restaurant locations worldwide, Animal Planet fans were able find the limited-edition paper premiums included with all of their favorite kids’ meals.

By scanning the QR code with their smartphone or tablet device, kids were able to unlock an augmented reality portal experience that transported them to the environment of their themed activity book. Once inside, kids could explore the portal in 360 degrees, interact with the animals in their native habitats and play a surprise mini game that included a 3D walk through of the safari to spot native animals. Each environment also featured a head-tracking game where the player’s head-movement controlled the character on-screen.

AR Social Media Experiences

How Bareburger used AR on Snapchat to drive people to its restaurants

The restaurant chain runned a contest on Snapchat, giving away free burgers, fries and shakes to people who scan Snapcodes they receive in takeout and delivery bags. To redeem their prizes, people post a Snapchat Story using Bareburger AR images and then bring the Snapcode to any Bareburger location.

Offering AR Food Menus

Bareburger was also running an AR filter people can access using the same Snapcode, which shows the menu items users can win and helps customers visualize menu items — including portion size and ingredients — before ordering, whether that’s for take-out, delivery or at a restaurant.

Snapchat gives Bareburger the power to specifically target people that live around the chain’s locations and track how the campaign is driving people to them. With the contest, for instance, Bareburger will be able to see users’ proximity to their nearest Bareburger location, the number of impressions its lenses receive and how often someone uses the Snapcode to view the menu items and take part in the contest.

AR food items can be customized to demonstrate complementary alternatives for drinks, appetizers, and desserts.

With the Bareburger app you will have the burger on your screen, before it comes to your table. And you know for sure what you have ordered, what are its ingredients and the exact portion size.

Food Delivery

Domino's Pizza use case

Domino’s Pizza has released a pizza chef app, which uses the latest in augmented reality technology to help customers create their ultimate, favorite pizzas.

The latest in the company’s technology innovation, gives customers a real-time experience to create their own pizza combination through the Domino’s app on their mobile device.

The New Pizza Chef is available on the existing Domino’s iPhone and android app which means not only can customers create their own pizzas, they still have the ability to access the full Domino’s menu, latest deals and track their order through GPS driver tracker technology.

Pizza Hut use case

Dive into the Pizza Hut world to take the Trivia Challenge, browse through the menu and even place your order all through the power of AR.
This promotional video showcases how Pizza Hut have integrated the power of augmented reality and social to create a unique and engaging campaign for family and friends to enjoy.

Enhance Product Packaging

Pizza Hut turns special edition pizza boxes into an augmented reality arcade

Customers scan the top of the box to play a WebAR version of the classic game Pac-Man®
As part of its Newstalgia campaign which looks to merge nostalgia with innovation, Pizza Hut has launched a WebAR experience which turns the top of special edition pizza boxes into a playable game of Pac-Man.
Pizza deliveries to millions of customers now include specially marked boxes featuring the classic arcade game Pac-Man maze on top. By scanning the QR code on the side of the box, customers aim their smartphone at the box to watch the Pac-Man maze come to life and turn into a playable 3D game.

AR/VR Staff Trainning

The food industry can use AR/VR for staff training to train their employees in a much more effective and efficient manner. This AR-driven training would ensure attention-to-detail and easy to understand training modules, thus making the learning experience much smoother and more manageable. With better results and much less cost, AR can answer all the problems related to staff training in the food industry.

Hilton uses virtual reality training scenarios

VR Learning & Development is taking off in leading enterprises worldwide. See how Hilton uses virtual reality training scenarios and Oculus for Business to help corporate teams understand the complexities of working in a hotel so they can build empathy for hotel team members and guests alike. Hilton Team Members put on Oculus headsets and complete a number of modules that highlight the complexity and physicality of hotel operations, including setting up room service trays, completing many of the steps to clean a guest room, checking in guests, and more.

With Oculus for Business, Hilton can easily scale virtual reality training, keep costs down, and provide an exceptional experience for customers and employees.

More Augmented Reality Stats


of media planners and buyers want AR/VR ads in digital marketing campaigns.


of consumers believe AR can help them learn new personal and professional skills.


The AR market is projected to be worth in 2023.


of online shoppers claim AR will improve their shopping experience.

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