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An avatar is the metaverse extension of your physical self. It is the digital version of a user’s identity. In the physical world, people express their personality through the clothes that they wear. The same can be done online in Bit.Country.

NFT wearables are virtual clothing and digital accessories that can be used to dress up your avatar in the metaverse. Digital fashion is gaining momentum. Designers can use NFTs that are deployed on blockchains to ensure uniqueness, authenticity, and ownership of garments and accessories. Adidas, Nike, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry are just a few of many brands that are competing to be fashion icons in the metaverse.

Virtual fashion is not a new concept. Online gamers have been able to customize their avatars with wearables for the past two decades. So why is everyone making noise about digital fashion in the metaverse? Well, the answer is that the metaverse has revolutionized online wearables with the use of NFTs.

Crafting wearables as NFTs is unique. For the first time gamers have complete ownership of their digital wearable assets. In traditional gaming it is the gaming platforms who own the rights to their users’ creative assets. Users’ wearables and accessories are held on the platform to be used but the gaming company maintains ownership. This limits the users’ ability to generate real-world value and transfer value off-online. Bit.Country is breaking this tradition and giving its users’ unique ownership of their on-platform digital assets through the use of NFTs.

Locked in an NFT asset hash is metadata that is stored on a blockchain. The hash contains a set of data that describes and gives information about that NFT. This data is immutable and transparent. Any punter interested in purchasing a wearable NFT can see all of the transaction histories which legitimizes ownership. Upon purchasing a NFT, ownership is instantly transferred and recorded on a digital ledger. The NFT is owned by the user and not by the platform hosting the user. Bit.Country does not own the NFT wearable, the user maintains ownership.

Bit.Country wearables are NFT assets. Once they have been minted, the purchaser has exclusive rights to that NFT. The owner can show it off online, keep it private, sell it for a profit or trade it locally.

Fashion is creative and expressive. In the physical world, fashion can be constrained by the availability and usability of materials. In the metaverse, your imagination is the only creative limit. Wearables can be crafted out of physically impossible materials such as steel, water and fire. Your avatar can be a walking piece of art that can be monetized through the Bit.Country Global NFT marketplace. Royalties can be embedded into the collections for the designer to continuously benefit from their creation.

Bit.Country NFT Wearables

The wearable feature that has been released on the alpha testnet lets users craft Bit.Country custom wearable NFTs and deploy them onto their avatar in the Sandpit. In future testnet releases, users will be able to customize the skin colour of their avatar and craft unique wearables with specialized properties using the elements feature.

Initial selection of Bit.Country alpha testnet wearables.

Crafting a wearable and deploying it onto your avatar is a simple process. The hardest part is making sure that you have enough BIT(Spot) to burn in exchange for your wearable.

Remember to use BIT(Spot) for all on-platform transactions such as minting NFTs.

I will show you how easy it is to dress your avatar…

Navigate to the Craft NFT Objects tab and select a wearable that you would like to mint. I have selected to dress my avatar in a pair of trendy baggy pants. The Prototype grid shows what elements have been used to craft the pants. These pants are crafted from two elements; Element 7 and Element 3. All Objects in Bit.Country Metaverse must be crafted from a selection of elements. Click to mint the New Object and after signing the transaction the baggy pants can be found in My Wallet — Specifically under the My Assets Metaverse Objects tab.

Process to mint a NFT wearable.

Now that you own the wearable, you will want to dress your avatar and show it off in the metaverse.

Customization of your avatar is done in the Avatar Inventory. Select New customization and find your newly minted NFT wearable. Simply select the clothing and save your avatar. Drag and rotate the avatar to get a better look from all angles. If you want to see how the other wearables look on your avatar, they can be tried on. Wearables will only be deployed if the user owns the NFT.

To see your stylish avatar in the metaverse, enter the Sandpit and you will find your avatar dressed in wearables. The team is currently developing multiplayer capabilities in the Bunker. When this feature is live you will be able to show off your trendy avatar to friends in the Bunker.

Avatar wearing baggy pants in the metaverse.

Bit.Country provides a Global Marketplace where users are able to sell NFT wearables. Alternatively the wearable can be transferred to other wallet addresses.

To sell or transfer your Metaverse Object click the three white dots.

Fashion in the metaverse is set to be a massive industry. Virtual outfits are expressive and necessary in the digital world. I look forward to Bit.Country hosting virtual fashion runways and letting users create rare collectable wearable NFTs. True value and credibility of wearables will be realized by the creators. Jump on the trend and become a metaverse fashionista; Design, promote and follow all of the latest metaverse fashion.

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