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Noise, distraction, and digital clutter are some of the challenges facing today’s businesses in their efforts to provide relevant, meaningful, and valuable messaging to their customers. With so much advertising and marketing, we’ve created a level of consumer apathy, making it harder than ever for customers to hear your voice and your story, above the ever-present bombardment they get from today’s digital marketers. As a result, businesses are looking for unique and innovative ways to connect with their customers. This is where Extended Reality (XR) has stepped in to bridge a critical gap in the customer experience.

Whether you are looking for solutions in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, or anything in between, CAPTIVATAR can transform your customer experience allowing you to engage with your customers in ways never before possible.  Look at some of the technologies listed as well as the  XR Success Stories and see how companies are using this technology to make meaningful, long-term connections with their customers.

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XR/3D for Marketing

Consumers are eager to interact with their favorite brands in all-new ways – connecting the physical world with digital elements. This is why Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) have emerged as key solutions for the future of marketing, revolutionizing how brands can position their products.

XR for Restaurants

Augmented Reality Solutions for Food Services. You make the food, we’ll make it sell!
We can show you how to bring your food services’ story and menu offerings to life with augmented reality and immersive mobile experiences. The opportunities are amazing.

XR/3D for e-Commerce

XR/3D e-Commerce is already taking over the world of online shopping.

e-commerce will no longer exist in static websites and product pages. Your online presence should now feature virtual environments with 3D stores, fashion showrooms, and home-décor visualizers among many other alternatives.

AR for Printed Media

Focused on the printed media market (ads, magazines, brochures, etc.) this platform provides the Owner to have an iOS/Android AR/VR ready and fully customized app, connected to his own Content Management System, allowing him to admin multiple AR Content, over Image Markers and Frame Markers.

XR for Cities

Immersive and multi-sensory content has the potential to revolutionise travel and tourism planning. Through engaging XR experiences, consumers can get a real sense of what their adventure will be like, providing inspiration, supporting decision-making and reducing time to purchase.

XR for Training & Simulations

Adopting AR & VR in your organization can reduce training time, enhance the onboarding process, increase retention, and improve the performance of your employees. AR/VR-based 3D simulations offer a life-like training experience and the necessary tools to track learners’ progress and ensure that the training programs produce the desired result.


WebAR, or web-based augmented reality, enables augmented reality (AR) to work within a browser. Web AR opens up new ways to connect with users by engaging them in extraordinary, interactive experiences anywhere they are—all with no app required.

MR - Hololens / Magic Leap

No matter the device we develop and deploy applications for cross-industry uses, prototypes to assist in experimental projects, and custom development work that transforms the way people work, share, and communicate.

Real Estate Virtual Tours

Whether you’re a real estate agent, a broker, or a property manager, our 3D virtual tours can increase commissions, reach a wider audience, and close on properties faster.

We work with the highest quality cameras and cloud services to provide a first-class solution.

Training Soft Skills with EmpowerXR

We aim to boost career prospects for minorities and underserved communities in the USA, starting in the state of Georgia.

EmpowerXR is a next-gen Soft Skills training solution that blends AI and 3D/VR to boost career prospects for minorities and underserved communities.


Our Brands Success Stories

of leading consumer brands are investing in immersive activities

of business organizations are already leveraging or planning to adopt VR or AR technology


Numbers of VR users in the United States

The projected economic impact of VR/AR could amount to around

$1.5 trillion by 2030

according to PWC research


Numbers of AR users in the United States

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