Magic Leap

The most immersive AR headset for enterprise

CAPTIVATAR develop and deploy Magic Leap Applications

We develop and deploy Magic Leap applications for cross-industry uses, prototypes to assist in experimental projects, and custom development work that transforms the way people work, share, and communicate.

  • Our Mixed Reality App Development services start with a consultation to ensure we understand how Magic Leap can strengthen your business and bring your story to more customers, employees, and partners.
  • We work with you to validate your idea with a working prototype to be certain we are all on the same page.
  • From there it’s on to custom development to provide you with an enterprise-ready Magic Leap application unique to your needs and your message.

Magic Leap 2: The most immersive AR headset for enterprise available September 30, 2022.

Magic Leap 2 has industry-leading optics for best-in-class image quality. A 70° field of view delivers an expansive digital workspace. While pioneering dynamic dimming capabilities boost the solidity of digital content in bright environments.

Enterprise-ready, light as a pair of headphones, and ergonomically designed to support modern Manufacturing, Health, Defense, and more.

How is the Magic Leap 2

What Magic Leap offers?

Immersive and World-aware

Our heads-up display is equipped with sophisticated sensors and world-understanding, capturing the contour and content of your workspace so that applications intelligently integrate into your environment.


Powerful gaming-quality graphics, precision input and spatial audio level-up training simulation, assembly and repair, and collaborative design.


Powerful and Lightweight

Magic Leap 1 delivers incredible performance in a small, power-efficient computer. And at 316g, it’s as light as a pair of headphones to help bring comfort to long shifts.


With three core processors dedicated to running even the most demanding apps, Magic Leap 1 can support heavy-duty 3D visualization and collaborative co-presence as well as concurrent web apps.


Handheld and Hands-free

Magic Leap 1 offers low-latency, multi-modal input to enable a range of interactions—from the conference room to the design studio and the factory floor, professionals always have the right tool for the job.


Our handheld 6DoF controller delivers precise manipulation and haptic feedback, while hand-tracking, voice, and eye-tracking help to make hands-free operation a breeze.


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