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August 1, 2022

In the future, AI and AR/VR will merge.

🗣 As the industry evolves, AI and AR/VR technologies will increasingly interact with one another creating whole new ways to engage with technology. Can you imagine how? Here we tell you some of them!

🔹With the world being accessible at a touch, there won’t be any reason for office spaces. Offices would most likely become virtual. We will be looking at an advanced Web with AR/ VR advancement. Every interaction will become virtual, and people might be able to check in just by wearing AR/VR glasses.

🔹Trainees have already started using AR for providing training to their workforce. With the advancement of new tools, interactive experiences are being provided, which makes learning an enjoyable experience.

🔹Soon, there won’t be a need for PowerPoint to showcase a client, it will happen in real-time with immersive presentations. AI and AR will interact to give a real-time visual that users will be able to capitalize on. Thus, storytelling will be extremely interactive, with characters and environments coming to life. Pokemon Go has provided us with a glimpse already. In the future, this will likely have the entire environment and not just visual.

🔹Education will no longer be either an audio/visual presentation, rather, it will have an audio-visual interactive environment. This will be immensely helpful for students because they will be able to relate to the information better. With hands-on experience, we can expect better visualizations that should also help strengthen their memory.

🔹No longer will you require a tab, a smartphone, and a laptop to operate, screen time becomes reality. Applications will be seamlessly integrated into our wearables making devices obsolete when technology is physically present as a part of our lives and not on screens.

🔹Through services like Waymo, self-driving cars will soon be accessed by the mass. With advantages like increased safety, less fuel consumption, increased productivity, and convenience, they will be a huge advancement.

🔹E-Commerce is one industry that is going to benefit immensely. With AI, marketers are already trying to gain new insight into buyer journeys. Using geo-targeting and real-time engagement, marketers will gain new insights into how audiences react to their products and even provide customized selections according to the buyer.

💡We are looking at a future that literally involves the exchange of information at a touch. With a collaboration between AI and AR/VR, we will have clothing, and accessories that can exchange information. AI and AR/VR are already influencing our world with intelligent apps. The future is filled with endless possibilities, and it is going to be revolutionary!

🤔 How do you see these predictions working out? Are there any of these tech-fueled experiences you have already tried? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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