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By 2030 the flat screen, keyboard, and mouse will disappear and be replaced by wafer-like glasses and contact lenses for spatial collaboration across multi-disciplines: a new control interface will evolve.

The coming decade will see the next quantum leaps in communication and interconnectivity, entirely intermediated by a range of future computer interfaces, and it may just reshape what it means to be human!

Since the iPod and the first touchscreen devices became mainstream and using them became intuitive, building more natural ways to engage with software and devices has been tech companies’ motto. That’s the core principle that will guide the future user interfaces that are already revolutionizing the industry.

In the coming years, you will sit or stand in front of a large display and use various hand gestures to command your computer. By mid ’20-’20s when using AR, you will not only catch a handful of air when reaching out for an object but real (touchable) haptic holograms will allow us for a more real experience.  Moreover, AI assistants will not only understand everything you say but also the context in which you say it and will be even capable of withstanding long conversations with users.

What all these projections have in common is that they will be possible because XR is becoming accessible and used by an increasing amount of people every day. Yes, things have escalated quickly! And before we know it #TheFutureOfTechnology will be here already.

Can you imagine a time when using these technologies becomes a part of our daily life?

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