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By 2023, board meetings will occur in the Metaverse. In the years that follow, XR will become second nature in terms of the language and operations used by government and enterprises, to share information and collaborate.

🗣 In the corporate sphere business meetings will change, and so will the idea of every boardroom needing a big screen that we can all see. Anytime you want to see a graph, you can just pull it up and put on glasses knowing that everyone else in the room wearing glasses can see the same graph. That’s a pretty seismic shift in our life!

👉 But, whether it’s a representation of a hydro dam, an automotive plant, or my home construction, we need standards on how the data was created – what layers are in it and what materials it’s in, what measurements it’s in, how hard and how deep it is. We need to standardise on the engineering side some non-defined measurements. This is also an issue for security, which is an important requirement for wearables. With glasses, there’ll be a camera facing into your eye that constantly verifies that you’re still you, so someone else doesn’t take your glasses and now has access to your bank account.

👉 Another standardisation challenge is how to anchor a model when a person walks around it. For example, how does a camera recognise somewhere within an aeroplane? While you can give a camera the geometry model straight from the manufacturer, there are many variables like paint, light, and reflection. It gets even more complicated when Apple and Android give you different camera feeds. So, you run into all these different technical problems to solve the same opportunity: to get data quality up, synthetic data can solve many of the XR experience problems. This is because it was found that a million synthetic images, even when you add in the processing time, are way better than a thousand real-world images to help a camera see where it is.

🤔 What are your thoughts on this?

👀 Do you imagine having a board meeting in the Metaverse in a few years?

💭 How do you see standardization happening anytime soon?

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